A Russian Successor to Conversational English

A professional I.T expert from Belarus humbly asked for English practices. He’s in the sphere of computer technology. At the beginning he’s enjoying the...
Yuliya Degtyareva

italki – best for full-time workers

Hi, My name is Yuliya. I started to learn French during my stay in France. Upon moving to the UK I decided to continue...

In my city it isn’t easy to find a tutor

Hola a todos Soy Sebastian Medina, soy ingeniero electrónico y vivo en Cali Colombia. Debido a mi interés de desarrollar mi carrera académica, desde...

From Zhengzhou to Shanghai – My italki internship experience

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Cómo aprender un idioma sin tener que salir de casa

Javier explains how he found out about italki and overcame the initial skepticism about payment methods. Now the italki website is his favourite resource...
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From skeptic to loyal user.

In order to close the 5 years gap in my Spanish studies (as well as to reach the “point” of Spanish fluency), I sought...

Why I love italki

. Hello. My name is Barbara Laane. I live in Elgin, Illinois which is 40 miles west of Chicago- the third largest city in the...

Conversing in Russian… after only 4 months!

I feel compelled to write some feedback on the fantastic experience I’ve had with italki. My name’s Ka Yee and I’m a native Chinese...

Alone with a teacher and urged to talk.

Je m’appelle Tania et je vis en Suisse, près de Lausanne. J’ai commencé à apprendre l’espagnol il y a un peu plus de cinq...
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Why italki rocks [VIDEO]

Conrad shares with us his enthusiastic opinion about the italki website, and as a Japanese and Hebrew learner he can give you some insight...