My experience with italki has allowed me to meet new people who share the same motivation as me

Je m’apelle Eric, j’ai 39 ans et je suis Français, J’habite en France mais je voyage beaucoup pour raisons professionnelles. Je suis technicien dans...

What I enjoy most about italki is the flexible scheduling and the opportunity to speak with native Italians from the comfort of my own home

I lived in Italy for a short period years ago and upon return took local classes. I got to a point in learning the...
Bob Kaucher

If you get on italki and open yourself up to meeting new people, you’ll have all the motivation you need

My name’s Bob Kaucher. I 40 years old and I live in a small rural city in Ohio. Despite the stereotypes of being an...

After a few lessons, I noticed an improvement

Mi chiamo Andrea, vivo in Italia e sono un Ingegnere Meccanico. Ormai da qualche anno durante le vacanze estive frequento dei corsi di lingua...

italki has pushed me to learn quicker than any other class I’ve found over the years

My name is Debbie and I live in Los Angeles, California. I learned to speak Mandarin when I lived in Taiwan many years ago....

I learned more things in 1 month using italki for $80 than spending 6 months enrolled in a class costing $2000

Hey there! I’m Lev, currently working in a foreign currency exchange firm in the Philippines. Given my tight schedule, it was pretty hard for...

Italki allows me to train my English speaking skills with native speakers! And it’s great!

Всем привет! Меня зовут Дмитрий, мне 24 года. Я работаю программистом в компании, занимающейся разработкой компьютерных игр.  В ходе работы мне нередко приходится общаться...

I look forward to each lesson!

I first learned about italki on a Facebook page called “Fluent in 3 Months.” It is a site for people learning foreign languages that...

The language challenge gave me the push I needed to pull off 20 lessons in 6 weeks

My name is Blair and I’m from Alaska. At the time of taking the italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge, I was an English...

Everyone can choose their their own teacher that meets their preferences.

Hi, 大家好,我叫高文扬,今年24岁。我来自于湖北,在湖北省武汉市上的大学,专业为金融相关,喜欢学习各国的语言。