I Took the Language Challenge

BioncaDavisI Took the Language Challenge

I was born in the melting pot known as Atlanta, GA but grew up and went to college in golfer’s paradise, Augusta, GA. Because I couldn’t choose between the two, I studied Biology and English literature. I added Spanish as a minor towards the end of my undergraduate career to try and recall the Spanish I learned in high school. My love for languages took off after that. I am interested in learning various languages, because I want to be able to communicate with many different people and understand their cultures. At the moment, I am focusing on Spanish, French, Chinese, and American Sign Language. I joined italki to practice and perfect my new languages with native speakers and/or professional teachers.  

I’m also a Community Tutor, and I can offer help with English as I have taught in Spain to all ages and levels and am working on TEFL certification.

In January 2013, I took the italki Language Challenge.  With a pledge of only 100ITC, I committed to taking 10 language lessons for the month of January.  10 lessons in a month is about 2-3 lessons a week which I felt was tough, but completely doable, especially for someone like myself who loves learning languages.

One thing that italki required me to do for the challenge was to write a Notebook entry before and after the challenge.  Below are my notebook entries:

Pre-Challenge Notebook Entry
I’m taking this pledge so that I can commit to learning French this year. French is the next logical step.

Post-Challenge Notebook Entry
I was able to free up some hours (unnatural hours) in my schedule and complete the language challenge! I took three French sessions with Masha and seven Spanish sessions with Andrés. The language challenge was motivation for me to start a new language and progress with another. Although the language challenge is over, I plan to continue booking sessions and supplement them with language exchanges. In addition, I’ll practice writing in Spanish, French, and Chinese (I take group lessons).

As you can see, the Language Challenge was a great way to push myself even further in my language studies and get that extra motivation to really start with a new language (French). It also was great that it helped me develop some good habits – pushing myself to get consistent language practice.  Just like working out, you sometimes need that extra kick to help you get motivated and this was exactly what the language challenge did for me!

Bionca has been an italki member since June 2012