A whole new culture

Hi everyone my name is Simone, I’m 21 and I’m from Como, Italy. I’m currentlyitalki intenrdhip studying Business and Languages in Milan, I plan to get my masters in International Management after my bachelors. I’ve been traveling alone since I was 15 so I’ve developed a great interest for other cultures and countries. At the moment I speak more or less 4 languages: Italian which is my mother tongue, English which I’ve improved traveling in the USA, UK and many other European english speaking countries, Spanish which I’ve studied for 5 years and I’ve improved traveling around Spain and Russian which I’ve started learning in university and I’ve also had the possibility to live in Moscow and Saint Petersburg for a few years. I also speak a little French and I’ve started learning Arabic again thanks to Italki.

I’ve always been interested in the Chinese culture and food but I had never had the possibility to travel in Asia that’s why I decided to apply for an intern in italki. Italki was exactly the company I was looking for: a start up with an international team working on languages and different markets. 

I kept in touch with italki in order to have all the info I needed because my internship here has been basically my university intern project so I had to fill out many papers and get them signed by Jim, my supervisor. I then took my plane to China on the 7th of October and I arrived in Shanghai. I still remember my first day here how excited I was to be finally in this wonderful and fast growing country!

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Sending gifts to our beloved users

I arrived to the office on my first day and I was introduced to all the company team, especially the marketing and services team because I would be working with them. I met my supervisor Jim who trained me during the first week and he has been really helpful and available. Since my first day I started learning a lot about how the company works and all the different tools I would be using.

I was instantly assigned to the Community Management of the website which ended up being quite entertaining and interesting because I had the possibility to go through the new teacher applications etc… I still remember going home after my first week of work and thinking: “Wow this company is great I think this is one of the best experiences abroad I will ever have”

After a few weeks I started getting into some marketing tasks like the Stories section of Italki, I’ve also managed our blog in order to fix a few things with the subscription process. I learned so much about HTML codes and WordPress that I still can’t believe it!

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Working at Italki

During all my intern I’ve learned a lot such as about team communications and how does a start up work in terms of new projects, organizing tasks, meetings and hiring! One of the things I liked the most about my internship here is that all the team in italki makes you feel part of the company since the first day with all the activities organized or simply having lunch together. This atmosphere and this teamwork is something I will never forget and I think it’s one of the best point about the company.

Me and Italki's cats

Me and Italki’s cats

Thanks to Italki I’ve also had the chance to start learning Arabic again as I had never had any chance to find a teacher or seriously learn by myself. I’ve tried the website as a normal user because it would have helped me to find anything that wasn’t working properly in terms of user experience. I found many language partners that started helping me in my Arabic, I’ve also found many people that helped me to improve my Russian and Spanish.

Softball time with all the team

Softball time with all the team

I feel that I’ve learned a lot about the Chinese Business and Market which is going to be extremely valuable for my future. I will also always be grateful to Italki and all the team, especially my supervisor Jim, for teaching me so many things about how to work and communicate in a company.

I will always remember my time here in Shanghai, thanks to Italki and all the people I’ve met.