I saved a young man from the perils of lost baggage


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Robin在2009年就已经成为italki的社区辅导教师. 如果你想要学习中文或者波斯语, 可以和他取得联系. http://www.italki.com/teacher/395854

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My name is Robin, I’m 31 years old, from Shanghai, China. I studied Persian(Farsi) at Shanghai International Studies University and have a Masters Degree in Persian from Peking University. I can speak Japanese, have studied French for a year at University and am currently learning Spanish.

I have traveled to Iran twice for study and have many Iranian friends in Iran and China. I have worked as a Persian interpreter, translating from Persian to Chinese or Persian to English. The most exciting experience for me as a Persian interpreter was to work for Iranian filmmakers who came to China for international film festivals and film shooting.

I first heard about italki by chance from a forum posting and decided to check it out. What really impressed me about the site was the fact that you could learn as many languages as you wanted to from real people in real locations. Mainly, my experiences with italki have consisted of teaching. I have had four students for a total of 60+ classes on italki.

My most interesting student was a Japanese girl named Inagaki Shoko (majoring in International Politics in Japan) who was learning Persian. We started from the fundamental level; she was really hard-working and managed to advance her Persian to a point where she can now read articles and newspapers fluently in the Persian language. Interestingly enough, though we’d never met each other, I was invited by her mother (who is also a member of italki) to dinner when her mother was visiting Shanghai for business. Our lessons occurred once a week and lasted for more than year. At first, we used English and sometimes Japanese as a lingua franca during classes, but eventually migrated over to Chinese as her Chinese was quite good as well.

Although I’ve had many interesting experiences because of italki, the coolest thing that has happened to me was when I was able to help the brother of an italki friend from Tehran. I often find myself befriending Iranian people due to our mutual interests. Heeva is a prominent Persian language teacher on italki, and while exploring the italki community, I became friends with her. One morning, I was working on my computer and suddenly got a message in my italki inbox from Heeva. She explained that her brother was stranded at the Beijing airport because the English level of the airport staff was insufficient to the point that he could not properly communicate with them to explain the problem. Heeva herself was still in Tehran, so she kindly asked me to help her brother. I was able to guide him over the phone and finally helped him to find his lost baggages.

Overall, my experiences with italki have been great. I’ve been able to share the Persian language with a Japanese girl and also meet many friends from Iran. I will keep on making use of the website as a meeting place and classroom to share and exchange languages with friends.

Robin joined italki as a Community Tutor in 2009.  If you would like to learn Chinese or Persian (Farsi), feel free to contact him!