I survived Germany!

My goal was to learn a bit of German for a trip that was scheduled to take place in early June of 2013.  Learning with the help of a teacher on italki.com solidified some basics that stood me in good stead for my trip.  I was able to apply what I had learned in many real-life situations.

While my learning plan (my goal was short-term compared to some) might be different from many who use the website for business or student learning on a longer term basis, the one-on-one learning that I received from italki opened my eyes to a wider world and caused me to have a much more fulfilling and enjoyable in Germany than I would have had otherwise.

Thank you to Dorothea ,who was my German teacher on italki.com.  Thanks to italki.com for providing a place for one-on-one language learning.

Yvonne has been a member italki since March 2013