A positive boost to my career


italki really changed the way I learn to speak a foreign language. Being an international studies major in school, I have always had a strong passion for language learning and continue to to pursue this passion as a hobby as well as for my current career.

I became acquainted with the site when I was accepted into an internship program, for which my first choice company was italki.com. I was lucky to have been a user and tester of the site– I was able to constantly learn Chinese during my first experience living in Shanghai. I was amazed at how rapidly I was able to learn a language that I had never even tried to study before. Since then, the site has stuck with me. Mandarin is still on my list of languages I want to learn, but I also am learning Spanish, Italian, and German.

There are many things I love about the site, such as how easily it is to find a tutor for the language you are pursuing. I especially like how the site provides the chance to talk with native speakers of the language you want to learn. To me, that means more than words. italki has offered a way to communicate about grammar, slang, culture, ideas, values– pretty much anything unique or universal about the part of the world you are most curious about, whatever that may be.

Now, I am fortunate to have a job position that requires me to use my language skills in Italian on a daily basis. While interacting with Italian customers, I often use tricks I picked up from italki classes to understand and express new vocabulary. italki makes it easy to ask a quick question from a native and to have new knowledge ready for my next Italian interaction. The best part is that the knowledge never stops getting shared, and being that there is always a new expression or vocabulary word to learn means that I am never bored; there is always a window of productivity open to me when it comes to following my true passion of foreign language skills.

Sarina interned at italki in 2010 and has been a member ever since