Learning from England to Turkey

My name is Joe Thornhill. I am British and live near Newcastle upon Tyne in England. I am a solicitor.

We bought a house in Turkey in 2014 and I wanted to make the effort to try and learn the language. Joe_ThornhillI have never properly tried to learn a foriegn language before and spent a lot of time working through grammar books and I subscribed to Rossetta Stone, but I could get the hang of sentence structure or pronunciation. I needed the help of a tutor.I couldn’t find a Turkish class nearby and the limited tutors were very expensive.

I searched online, found italki and started taking lessons with a tutor, Tank who lives in Istanbul. Tank is very flexible and I can choose the times when I have my lessons. The lessons are very good value. Before taking the lessons I was a bit nervous, would my language skills be good enough to make sense of the process etc. So I tried the taster 30 minute starter lesson.  But Tank put me at ease and very quickly shaped the lesson to my needs. Tank takes the lessons very seriously and provides structures to the learning process, but is keen to deal with any queries I have as they arise. You set the pace. I worked hard for two weeks with lots of home work before traveling out to Turkey this summer – having  three or four lessons a week, but that will reduce once I return home.

I hadn’t used Skype before, but I am now a convert. I now use Skype for my work. The quality is very good and being able to see and speak and use the note book section makes the lessons very effective. I find that it is best to use a desktop rather than a  mobile or wi-fi device to ensure a good signal.

Joe has been a member of italki since June 2014.