Learning Can Be Fun for Everyone

I am a writer, teacher, and coach. I’ve lived and worked in Italy, and I’ve written a book on the Italian Renaissance called Outer Beauty, Inner Joy: Contemplating the Soul of the Renaissance. I used to travel to Italy frequently, but recently I have been too busy to do that. I’ve studied Italian in the past, but now I don’t have much opportunity to use it.

Julianne Davidow

I found out about italki when I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to keep up with my Italian, but that the cost of online SKYPE sessions was a little high. She told me she had used italki for Korean conversation, and told me to look at the website. I was glad to see the video introductions various teachers had created, so I could choose which one I thought would be suitable for me.

It was very easy to buy the credits and to schedule a session with the teacher I chose. I like my teacher very much, and the cost is great as well.


If someone wants to decide whether to take lessons on italki, I would tell him or her to go to the site and choose which language he or she is interested in learning or practicing. Watch the videos and schedule a trial session.

For me tutoring via SKYPE is perfect. I don’t have a lot of time to go to classes and I prefer one on one tutoring. SKYPE is great because you can really get to know your teacher.

For people who are interested in becoming teachers, go on the site and read the bios and backgrounds of the other teachers. Watch the videos, and maybe schedule a session with someone. Be prepared for various levels of students, and have a method of note taking and sharing. Be able to converse on different topics and perhaps suggest reading material and/or other homework activities to your students. Most important of all, make learning fun for the student and as well as for yourself.

Julianne has been a member of italki since May 2015.