Making Significant Improvements with italki [Video]

Ken is an italki user who is currently learning French. He tells us about how he found the right teacher for him on italki and how he’s been able to polish his French skills thanks to his weekly classes.

Ken has been a member of italki since August 2014. 

[Video Transcript]

Hello! My name is Ken. I’m a retired physician living in Los Angeles, and I wanted to share with you a little bit about my italki experience.

I was a reluctant user. A good friend had recommended italki to me approximately six months ago, but I just did the basic inquiry and really didn’t go ahead. When I did finally decide to jump in and start italki, I looked at many different teachers and their resumes. I looked at their videos and listened to how they conversed, and I made a decision to choose a young lady who is from Bretagne, her name is Gaelle, and she’s a wonderful teacher. It happens that she’s living at Rio in the present time, and the Skype format really allows a wonderful ability to communicate, and it also allows the ability to text and provide linkages to various study sites and various exercises that we use during the lesson.

What I realized is, although I speak a fair amount of French, I really don’t converse very well. I’ve read newspapers on a daily basis when I’m in France, and I also read Le Monde articles at home. But I found that it wasn’t really getting me very far. During our lessons, Gaelle realized that I was lacking some basics. And although I had studied French many years ago, I had forgotten much more than I remembered. So, she sent me back to some basics. I studied them, and in the 4 to 5 lessons that I’ve had, I feel that I’ve made a significant improvement. It’s easy, it’s nice to have a 30-45 minute lesson. I find that 45 minutes is the optimal time to me. I schedule weekly lessons with Gaelle.

As I said, in the period of time that I’ve used it, I think that I have significantly improved and I will continue to use it. Thanks for listening, and good luck with your italki experience!