A truly wonderful summer!

guohong_thumbsupMy name is Guohong Zu and I’m from Changsha in China. I interned at italki in the summer of 2015, on the Services and Operations team.

My major tasks here were translating italki website’s English FAQ section into Chinese, writing and updating entries on the company’s wiki knowledge base, and community management duties like handling user complaints.

Although each individual has his or her own tasks, a lot of teamwork was also involved. Working with Kevin Zhu, I learned the essentials of community management. With Jiahong, I learned standard operation procedures on translating and localizing the website. With Jim and Tracy, I learned how to streamline and optimize the workflow of community management.


guohong_zendeskWorking at italki is a pleasant experience because everyone here is eager to share what they know, and happy to answer questions I had. I was encouraged and advised on a daily basis. I truly felt I was a team member, equal to other staff. I always get to learn new concepts, new tools, and do new things.

The open workspace is one of the things I particularly like about italki. The open space breeds close-knit connections between colleagues, which allowed me to get onboard faster, get to know each other better, and observe how different teams like IT, marketing, and analytics work.

The company’s transition to the brand new site also triggered my interest in website developing and I have started learning how to code on Codecademy. I’m really grateful for italki’s tech focused environment which directly boosted my passion for technology.

guohong_mailingAlso, I witnessed how data plays a crucial role across departments. Each week, in our services department meeting we would invite the data scientist in the analytics department to explain the visualized data collected from our department’s activities. This shed a light on which areas we can improve. I felt this analytics skill is so powerful that I’ve started to take an interest in stats.

This was just one of the many things I learned outside my daily tasks. If you bring a sense of curiosity as you intern here, and you will certainly obtain a lot when you leave.

Guohong Zu interned at italki in the summer of 2015