In my desperation, I found paradise here

My name is Saurabh Kumar and my homeland is the Mighty India. Currently living in the United Kingdom, I am studying German, in order to attend a German University next year.

When I arrived in UK, I had serious problems finding teachers or classes. Everything is so expensive! Out of desperation, I turned my attention elsewhere, to the internet.
It was in this way that I came to know about italki. At first I was skeptical of the idea, so I kept on searching for other ways to learn German. Yet despite my best efforts to pull the wool over my eyes, every corner of the internet seemed to be directing me towards italki.

So I gave it a go. Having booked a trial lesson, it was fine. I was still not satisfied, but I had nowhere else to turn. So I tried two more teachers, as the trial classes were very affordable. Luckily, I met two amazing online teachers on italki. In the interest of full disclosure, I tried other such websites. In the end I am completely satisfied with italki. Payment system is really user friendly and using italki sessions is really cheap. I believe that in my search for the best language service i found it here.

There are so many fantastic teachers on this website. I am truly grateful to italki, as it helped me with B1 German exam’s preparation. In a month, I will have my result and I am confident about it. italki showed me the light to a better tomorrow. I would recommend this to everyone, students and teachers alike.

Saurabh has been an italki member since February 2015