Finding a Korean teacher in a small town in Brazil

20141231_191626When I decided to learn Korean, I knew I immediately faced a monumental challenge. Coming from a small town in Brazil, I immediately came face to face with a horrifying reality: I would never be able to find a teacher. For me, finding a teacher was of paramount importance if I wanted to overcome the abyss between ‘I want to speak a foreign language ‘ and ‘I can actually speak that language’?

I wanted to learn from the best, so I sought out a native speaker. However, in my tiny town, there was little to no chance that I would find a native speaker, so I decided to go hunting online.

After a short time, I stumbled upon a website that I had never heard of before: italki. The idea was simple and reasonable, but I had doubts. Would it actually work for me? Is studying online actually feasible? Will it be enough for me? I had so many questions.

Now, the answer seems crystal clear to me: Italki was the best thing to happen to me in a million years. I felt like I was swimming in a sea of possibilities with a variety of teachers that maybe outnumbered the inhabitants of my small town. I gave it a try without delay and, luckily enough, my first trial instructor was so fantastic that he is now my only teacher. He fully understands my needs and how I learn best.

All in all, I’m delighted that I have found Italki and that I can actually put this overdue dream of mine into practice. And boy, do I like this challenge! I’ll be forever thankful for everyone involved in this website. You have made the life of a small villager into an ocean of possibilities and opportunities! Thank you so much! I’ll keep on being faithful to italki in as much as it is helpful and effective to me! Thanks a billion, guys! I hope other people can be as lucky as I am. And if they aren’t, keep searching. I’m sure there’s an ideal teacher here willing to help each one of you.

Fabio has been a member of italki since May 2015