italki is my new home

blue foto-2I had been teaching online with another company when I heard from a friend about italki. She expressed so much enthusiasm for her work and encouraged me to check it out. A few weeks later I decided to visit the italki website and to apply. It was the right decision for me.I have been a teacher most of my life and have taught everyone from preschoolers to adults. I am bilingual (English and Spanish) and have lived overseas for more than 40 years. However, I had become tired of working in classrooms, wanted more independence and also the flexibility t omanage my time so I could do the other things that are important to me. Italki offered me just that. But in addition, finding that I have the autonomy to decide what and how I want to teach, to set my own rates,choose my students and in general, to be my own boss, were the biggest selling points. What I didn’t know was how enriching forming personal relationships with my students would be. Getting to know them, learning about their lives,cultures and aspirations makes this experience more than just a teacher-student relationship. And teaching one on one allows me to tailor my lessons in order to help each student advance and achieve their personal goals, which is usually not possible in a traditional class setting. I am able to see their progress from week to week and this is very exciting and brings me great satisfaction.I have no hesitation about recommending italki to potential students or teachers. My advice to students: be clear about what you need and then find the teacher who will help you meet these needs and who you feel comfortable with. And to teachers: be yourself (I know this may sound corny) and always be positive. By being yourself are as a teacher, students will feel at ease in knowing what to expect and will know that you are sincere. I do believe there are students for everyone when you put your heart into your teaching. And remember, everyone needs encouragement!
So happy learning or teaching (whichever the case may be)!

Dana has been a member of italki since August 2015