italki offers contact with native speakers

Untitled 15.07.53My name is Joshua Wilson, I am from the United States and I currently live in Argentina. I found out about italki through a friend who used to teach here.

My first teaching experience was with a guy from the States who wanted to learn Spanish. Understandably, I was very nervous for my first class as I had no idea what to do. However, it proved to be a very pleasant class and the student was very kind and had a lot of questions about the language. My first class greatly helped me have an idea of how to teach on italki.

I think that what I most love about italki is the opportunity I’ve had to meet with so many interesting people from many different countries and cultures. That has truly been an incredible experience!

At first I was most skeptical if I would ever really get any students, however that was quickly erased as I started to get flooded with session requests! Also I was a little worried about getting paid, but italki has fulfilled there end of the deal every time.

I would tell anyone who wants to really learn another language that italki offers them exactly what any serious language learner really needs: contact with native speakers. It is also very beneficial because they have a whole community of teachers who can share their knowledge with them; all you have to do is ask!

Mostly I teach through Skype. It is a great tool for teaching, as it is almost like being one on one with the students, and the great majority of my classes I have no connection problems. If I could change anything about Skype it would be to add “whiteboard” capabilities to it like programs such as “Webex” have, but that is the fault of Skype, not italki.

The best advice that I can give to anyone who wants to teach/learn on italki is that they must be willing to make mistakes (to quote “Batman Begins,” “why do we fall? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up”), to not be shy and to enjoy the classes that they take. This makes learning and teaching faster and easier!

Joshua has been a member of italki since August 2013