1 Month, 2 Teachers, 21 Classes later

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I decided to start using italki because I wanted to take lessons before work. I had previously tried taking evening classes, but found I was already so tired after the day that I didn’t make much progress. With italki I can book a lesson for 7am, take it, and then have breakfast and get ready for work. Initially I was a bit worried about the call quality on Skype, but actually it’s good in both the UK and China.

I’ve been really satisfied with my different teachers – there’s such a variety that you can find the ones who suit you best, and nearly everyone offers inexpensive trials. I’ve had many top class teachers, especially Laura Liu, who provided great power-point presentations to help me work on my tones early on, and Avivi, who used her ipad to give me a video tour of a beautiful library in Shenzhen.

Italki is the most convenient way to take high quality, inexpensive classes, and it has really helped me on my way to learning Mandarin.

Daniel took the 2013 Fall Language Challenge and completed over 20 Chinese sessions in under 6 weeks. He wrote about his experiences in a notebook entry.


我最近参加了italki的九月挑战. 这个挑战的目的就是,让学生多上点儿课。
所以,如果一个学生 能上完20节课,italki会给他们一个奖励 – 300ITC.

但是你也需要承担风险. 开始的时候,每个想参加的学生,必须交纳100ITC。 挑战失败了的话,italki不会退还这个钱. 我之所以参加,是因为我觉得如果我没有压力,我不会上这么多课。 我想十二月考HSK6, 所以我应该上。

这个挑战为期六周, 但是我九月份才发现这个活动,所以对我来说就只有一个月。上这么多课当然让我很累,不过我还是很享受这个过程。我的老师都是很热情,很努力的人。30号我上完了我最后一节课。一共上了21课。现在我想休息一下,复习我跟老师们学过的内容。

[translated from above]

I recently took part in the September italki Language Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to get students to take more classes. So, if a student is able to complete 20 classes, italki will give them a reward – 300ITC.

However, you need to take on some risk. When you begin, every participant must hand over 100ITC. If you fail the challenge, italki will not return this money to you. The reason I participated in this challenge was because I felt that if I didn’t have any pressure, I would not attend as many classes. I want to take the HSK6 Chinese proficiency test in December, so I should take the challenge.

This challenge was 6 weeks long, however I only found out about this challenge in September, so for me I really only had one month to complete it. Completing so many classes is very tiring, however I really enjoyed the process. All my teachers are very passionate and diligent. On the 30th, I was able to finish my very last class. In total I finished 21 classes. Now, I want to rest for a bit and review everything that my teachers taught me.

Daniel has been a member of italki since Oct 2012. He is still studying Chinese.