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Ariela is an tutor on italki. She tells us about her great experience tutoring on italki and explains why she recommends italki to friends and colleagues.

Ariela has been a member of italki since August 2015

Hi! My name is Ariela Diaz and I’m from the Dominican Republic. Today I’d like to share a little bit about my time on italki with you! First of all, I’d like to say that, even though I’m a TEFL certified teacher who has worked in tons of different teaching environments before -I’ve been teaching English for over 7 years now-, italki was still a new experience to me, in a good way. I heard about italki the first time from another teacher, who’d been there for a few months and she was very happy and excited to share about it with me. So, I decided to try it out! I was a little skeptical at first, I was worried that I was going to have to take a lot of time to prepare lessons and all of that but, in the end, well…so far I have no regrets.
I started out being very nervous, since I never had a 1-on-1 session like that before with people from all these different countries, I’ve never even met people from those countries before! So I was very nervous before every session but at the end of every session I was very happy, thrilled, excited, very satisfied with the whole experience! The benefits of being on italki, of course some of them are very obvious, for example being able to (…….) from home, being able to have flexible hours, of course teachers on italki can decide what their own hours will be: if you don’t want to work weekends, if you only wanna work weekends, etc. But there’s another really important thing for me on italki, which is that the teacher’s really in control. You can really choose who to work with, which students you are interested in working with, what kind of students you are interested in working with, what level, what materials you wanna use, what topics you wanna discuss even…and that’s something that you’re rarely ever offered in any other teaching school or website. Of course, you can also determine your own salary, so you can decide what’s fair for you, that’s also a big pro, and you can meet all these wonderful people! Really, students on italki, are, almost all of them, very eager to learn and they’re usually really nice people and I’ve met people there who have become good friends of mine, even though they are my students. So I recommend italki to anybody, I recommended it to some of my friends, who wanna learn languages, I also recommended it to other teachers, because italki is really a community and a lot of information is shared on the website and teachers can help students and native speakers can help each other and it’s really a great environment. Even if you’re not going to be a teacher, even if you are not going to pay for classes as a student, you should still enter the website, there’re stil lots of features that you can take advantage of, such as: the language exchange partner program, the notebook entries that you can write and have other people correct for you, you can ask all kinds questions and teachers and native speakers of those languages will help answer them. Of all languages. And for teachers, I’d like you to be aware that teaching on Skype is basically just as effective as teaching in a classroom. In some ways, even more so because there are many tools available online that you can’t generally access from a classroom but online you can see the person and speak to the person, listen to them but also take advantage of these other tools that are available online. There are also many other materials for teachers. So don’t be scared! Come and join us! Welcome to italki!