I found a world of languages in a website.

I’m from Brazil and I am an English language enthusiast. Here in Brazil, there’s a general lack of knowledge in second languages and most of the population doesn’t know anything about a second language.
I have a degree in Managerial processes, am working on a production engineering bachelor´s degree, and I have 10 years working experience in quality areas. I study English because I really love this language. It’s not out of obligation, but for passion. I also give some English classes here in my town.

I found italki on a forum online; I was looking for cheap places to study English and I found something that said that italki was the cheapest place in the world because you wouldn’t have expenses with flights, accommodation, and other stuff, and they were right! Italki is incredible; I am used to saying that I’ve found a world of languages into a website.

The main benefit of studying online is the chance to learn English with good native teachers in the comfort of your home. When I first started I was afraid about the quality of an online course. But after I tried some classes, what I now think is that it really works depending on your language level. It probably won’t work if you are an extreme beginner. But if you have a bit of a base then you’ll enjoy every second learning with a native teacher.

Even if you are afraid of trying, I think you should try it once so you can better analyze how it is. If you never try, you’ll never know what the quality of an online class is. Having online classes via SKYPE is really effective, although it depends on the teacher. If he/she is good in a live classroom, it will be the same way via SKYPE.

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