Teacher-friends who help you explore new cultures

IMG_2734 - Versión 2Hello, my name is Faith. I have been introduced to italki by a friend who has enjoyed french lessons on italki. Since then, I have become a student leaning Spanish as a foreign language at italki since February 2016 and my new experience has truly been unforgettable and enjoyable.


At first, italki offered a large variety of both professional and community teachers, and I found it quite hard to decide which teacher suits me best. However, after a few trial lessons, not only have I have gained valuable comments from teachers, but I have also enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the lessons. This has greatly increased my confidence and interest in understanding more about Spanish culture. Initially, I was not sure if the lesson would pay off. However, after several lessons, I noticed that my progress has improved tremendously thanks to the persistent help of my teacher who has given me the confidence to speak more Spanish as it is a lively language!


It is only through adventuring and exploring the exotic experiences of italki that one will realize italki offers valuable choices suited to each person differently. From this, I would recommend italki to a friend that needs italki but is reluctant to sign up as it is truly worth trying. I must say that teaching through Skype is very effective as it allows an interactive conversation between the student and teacher. This will enhance the listening and speaking skills of the language and learning will be more enjoyable.


For a student or teacher planning to learn or teach a language on italki, I would say that it will be a great experience that one will not forget. The teacher is a great friend that helps a student explore a new culture, and when it comes to meeting new friends, it is always a pleasure to know another language which is fun and applicable to daily life!


Faith has been a member of italki since February 2016