Conversing in Russian… after only 4 months!

I feel compelled to write some feedback on the fantastic experience I’ve had with italki.

My name’s Ka Yee and I’m a native Chinese speaker based in London. I started learning Russian ‘properly’ in December 2015 and found out about italki from the book “Fluent Forever.” A few years ago I did some self-study and even joined an evening class but never got very far. I figured I had nothing to lose when giving italki a go since the lessons are very reasonably priced. I was surprised by just how many Russian teachers there are on the website!!! Eventually I decided on one teacher and it proved to be an excellent choice. My teacher is a polyglot who is genuinely passionate about languages and from DAY ONE we started talking in Russian!! At that time I didn’t know that many words at all but somehow we managed to have a 60-minute conversation mostly in Russian. I was truly amazed. He’s so patient and yet so good at making me speak. Now I’d say 95% of our conversation is in Russian. After only 4 months!!!!

In my own time I read grammar books, learn new vocab and review my lesson notes (I try to spend at least 30 minutes a day on self-study). And I can honestly say that I’m surprised by how much progress I’ve made. Even my husband (who’s Russian) has commented on how much I’ve improved and once he overheard some of my conversation with my teacher he even commented on what an amazing teacher he was!

I’ve decided to take an extra lesson per week (so two 60-minute sessions) to ramp things up and would love to reach B1/2 level by the end of this year. My amazing teacher helps me stay motivated so thank you italki for providing this incredible platform for language learners!

Ka Yee 

Ka Yee has been a member of italki since November 2015