A Russian Successor to Conversational English


A professional I.T expert from Belarus humbly asked for English practices. He’s in the sphere of computer technology. At the beginning he’s enjoying the Survival English – turned to most important phrases for work; and to some technical terms that can be useful for his job as a second language learner. According to him he’s field of specialization requires English. He’s tries different teachers with various strategies but he finds my class as an excellent one.
He’s been learning English for almost 280 hours! He started the class last September 16, 2014 until now, though he’s already an excellent English speaker because he’s already in Canada and can express well. He has done different approaches to learn with me. I requested him to speak with my English class in the classroom with my students, or even in my computer class. He experienced talking to my students in college likewise. He can easily approach to some appointments, professional upright individual that I ever had as a student. He treats me well with different deals like time management prior to our classes; if there would be some problems to schedule he can fix it immediately. These are some of my feedback to him in the class.

• Dec 09, 2014
It is my pleasure talking to you and helping to achieve your goals to learn English. Your success is my success likewise. It is good to hear that it is not only English language itself, but there’s also building a good character.

• May 01, 2015
It is my pleasure to give you that kind of experience and to enjoy that things that you are doing. Liking my English class is not an easy thing to do, nor when you are ask to express ideas which at first place is not a requirement for you to learn. You are learning by experience and I am witnessing how far you are already. Keep it up. It is my honor to see a good result within you. When you are speaking English with your extent, it fulfills me as your mentor. YOU’RE DOING A MAGNIFICENT PERFORMANCE TO YOUR ENGLISH. -Congratulations!

• May 04, 2015
My profession is really tiring so as you do sir! but I always find my session as RELAXING. I find my English class-conversation as an ideal and perfect friend to discuss anything, similarly to talk about everything. No secrets, no worries, less pressure, less negativism, much of talking, much of ideas and cool students with different perspective about life that I meet every day. It is my pleasure to have you in my class.

• Mar 05, 2016
WoW 250 hours! You’re amazing the reason why there’s no wonder why are always being asked to join me in other English activities such as; playing role as my guest speaker in different schools where I teach English and Computer subject. I’m glad that until now you’re still there to support my curriculum for non-English native speaker like you. Considering the fact that you’re already in Canada 🙂 See you in our next meeting Sergey!

This is our story. This is our success. This is italki!

Sir Aury

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