Make language learning a habit

Jacob is learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. He has been an italki member since May 2016.


What motivates you to study a foreign language?

Being able to talk to friends in their native language online and when visiting them in their home countries.


What is the role of online speaking lessons in your language learning process?

It plays a very big role. You can take so many grammar courses in a given language, but listening and speaking require real life practice. I’m not a very good listener, and italki helps me a lot here.


What advice would you give to people who want to learn a new language?

Make language learning a habit. Incorporate it into your daily life. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day practising, if that’s what you have. Get language apps for your smartphone – then you can practise anywhere, anytime.


What is the biggest benefit you get from italki?

Being able to schedule my classes myself instead of being tied to a specific schedule in a real life class in a sometimes busy life. Also, I find, that I learn much more with individual one-on-one lessons on italki, since my teacher can adapt his teaching specifically for my needs and my level, compared to conventional classroom teaching.


Please share a story about something that happened for you because of italki:

Well, all I can say so far to this is, that I try speaking Spanish to Spanish speaking people, whenever I encounter them. I have a lot more confidence doing so, compared to if I had not had online classes.