Speak daily. Make mistakes. Have fun!

Emilie found the perfect teacher to teach her Spanish. She has been an italki member since July 2016.


What motivates you to study a foreign language?

Desire to communicate with Spanish-speaking people (current and future friends); travel.


What is the role of online speaking lessons in your language learning process?

Need to converse in Spanish to improve.


What advice would you give to people who want to learn a new language?

Speak daily. Listen to telenovelas. Read Spanish articles out loud. Have fun! Make mistakes.


What is the biggest benefit you get from italki?

Teacher has given me the best advice I have ever received about what it will take to learn quicker.


Please share a story about something that happened for you because of italki:

Benny Lewis led me to italki. I made a YouTube movie of myself speaking Spanish. I got hooked on telenovelas!