From learning English to traveling to Philippines

My name is Sergey from Belarus and I have been learning English on italki.  I want to share a story about my teacher named Uary whom I met 3 years ago with 15 different teachers. I found his class as reliable and with a great choice of English language activities. He is always positive which plays important role in learning language.


He developed and enhanced my listening, reading, and especially my speaking skills tremendously.

Uary tried finding out my interest through different questions with various topics jobs-involvement.

He designed lessons to make it conversational approach. There are days for vocabulary, he gives twist just for me to remember it. I never expect to have challenging games impromptu just to activate my neurons in my head. Listening to English stories with questions related to it afterwards.


Most questions being asked are personal, but Uary has that power to convince me saying it to express myself and will help me unceasingly correcting errors; as he types it while you’re giving the best shot. You’re encouraged to speak and motivated to it well. Because of his teaching approach I have the guts to answer and feel confident to make calls to my US/Canadian clients in IT sphere.


He’s just simply doing his job with passion or if I may say it that he’s doing it with heart. Life learning lesson! He’s giving choices when you’re asking about decision and you’re free to say it confidently.


In 2016 Uary kindly invited me to explore his country Philippines. We spent amazing 30 days traveling and communicating with local people.



What I like most is when he let me speak with his other students abroad. These are activities beyond my expectations: Talking online as a group call to his Italian, Brazilian, Cambodian, Columbian, Chinese, Polish, etc., using the learned vocabularies, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions. Talking online to his students in a classroom set-up with different levels such as grade 7, 8, 9. Tertiary students with different majors such as accountancy, computer service hardware and software, lastly business administration.


Talking with my teacher when I visited the Philippines last 2016. Enjoying the sceneries, practicing English language most of the time to considered-English country. Discussing my field of specialization in front of professionals as he set it up a professional forum with his colleagues in the exclusive school for girls in the private school.


Receiving certifications, compliments, feedback, and on how to improve more as a learner.  Thanks Uary, he developed my skills and confidence to communicate fluently! I highly recommend him as a teacher.


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