my friends inspired me to follow my dreams


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そして6ヶ月後に、私はCommunity Tutor(コミュニティ チューター)になるために申し込みをしました。このサイトで、外国の友達と言語交換やいろいろな経験をしたのでサイトのシステムをよく分かっていました。
私の最大の問題は、ただチャットで話をするだけの言語交換ではなく、どうやってプロのように教えるかでした。Community Tutor(コミュニティ チューター)と承認された後、私は教え方を確立して信頼を得なければなりませんでした。いろいろな教え方を練習して確認していた事を覚えています。


italki のことを良く友達に話します。いろいろな人に会うことができ、他の言語を学ぶことが出来るからです。そして、italkiで世界中の友達を作ることができました。もっと早くitalkiを見つけたかったです。わたしは、みんなに言いたいです”italkiを試してみて!!”

[translated from above]

I first joined italki in January of 2013. I was actually searching online to find foreign friends and the website came up, so I joined. It was great. I was able to meet so many foreign friends from all over the world and they all helped me improve my English. I love how easy it is to find a language exchange partner and to connect with a new foreign friend.

After about 6 months, I decided to apply to become a Community Tutor. I had many experiences doing language exchange with foreign friends so I was pretty familiar with the system. My biggest fear was learning how to teach someone in a more professional way – not just chatting with them like you do when you are a language exchange partner. After I was accepted as a Community Tutor, I really had to build up my confidence to teach. I remember practicing a lot to make sure I could teach well.

Finally, I had my first experience with a student. I was very nervous because I had never formally taught Japanese before. After talking to my student, I found out that he also getting nervous because it was his first time to talk with me. How funny was that! The session actually went very smoothly because we were both so nervous.

Since then, I’ve become much better at teaching and now have students from the United States, Germany, Scotland, and the Philippines. I really enjoy teaching. I’m not really doing it for the money but for the experience of teaching and also the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

I like to tell all my friends about italki because I think it is a great way to meet other people and also learn another language. I’ve made so many friends from all over the world on italki. I wish I had discovered italki earlier. I want to say to all of the people, “Give italki a try!!”

Sato has been a Community Tutor since June 2013. She joined italki in January 2013.

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