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非常感激italki提供给广大爱好语言的学子们一个很好的平台, 学语言贵在交流,而italki正好是全球人们交流的好场所,在这里我可以随意选择适合我的老师,学习世界各地的风俗文化以及语言魅力,我已经在italki上学习了半年左右,收效颇丰,老师们都非常尽职健谈而且很亲切负责,绝对是良师益友,在老师们的帮助下我的英语口语能力得到了很大的上升,与此同时karl与人交往也比以前轻松了很多,最后我想说的是italki真的很划算,物美价廉,希望越来越大的学生们能了解italki,喜欢italki!

[Translated from above]

Many thanks to italki for offering such a wonderful platform where language students from all over the world can come to connect and communicate with one another. It’s a place to meet people from all over the world and a place where I can choose my own language teacher and learn different customs and cultural anecdotes. I have been learning a new language on italki for about six months now and have had a good experience. The teachers are very friendly, diligent and talkative. They are also mentors and with their help my English speaking ability has improved greatly. Now I can converse easily with foreigners much more easily than before. Finally, I would like to add that italki is very affordable, inexpensive. I hope that more students can discover italki and like italki!

Karl is from China and is learning English on italki