No real alternative

vicky_storyMy name is Vicky Rivera. I have been an elementary school teacher for more than 11 years teaching students from other countries. I am currently working on an endorsement to become a reading specialist for elementary, junior high, and high school. I enjoy helping people learn English. I also enjoy the challenge of learning languages. Currently, I am learning Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. I have a Spanish teacher and Chinese teacher on italki. My Spanish teacher talks with me in Spanish and gives me homework on all the different verbs we are learning. It is a little different with my Chinese teacher. Chinese has been more difficult for me so we work a lot with the sounds and different tones in Chinese. She also tells me phrases and I try to repeat what she says. I try to listen to her say them over and over until I feel confident that I can say them. She tells me what they mean. It makes me feel successful. I feel so important because I feel like I am learning a language that not very many Americans know. Also, learning Chinese helps me to help my Chinese students.

The teachers on italki are wonderful. They try their best so that all of their students can be successful. What I like the most about them is that they motivate me. I never thought I would ever learn Chinese. But, one of my Chinese students is now my teacher. We have so much fun. She is so kind and understanding when she teaches me her language. I remember my first class with her. It took me one full hour to try to say three words in Chinese! But now my ear is being trained to listen for the words I am learning.

I feel that italki has been very valuable to me because it is helping me to set goals, feel a sense of accomplishment and to become more organized. The benefit I am getting from italki is that I feel better about myself because I am achieving my dream of helping students learn English and in talking in another language. At first, I thought when I signed up with italki that it was going to be difficult and people were not going to understand my desire to learn a language. These doubts were erased because everything is so organized. italki does everything for you. They have a calendar of the classes you will teach and take care of coordinating the time your classes will be in with students from other countries. All you have to do is turn on Skype and teach the lesson you have prepared for that day. You confirm if you have taught the lesson and reschedule if you need to. italki makes sure that most of your time is spent in preparing for your lessons. You create the lessons yourself and they allow you to be creative in the courses you teach. They make it easier than other language sites.

There are many students that are apprehensive about learning a language. But I want to encourage you to take that first step and just sign on, pick a teacher you think you will be comfortable with and work hard. If you persevere you might find yourself visiting the country of the language you are learning or teaching English there. Also, students and teachers are becoming my friends. italki opens up the world to you so you feel like there are no limits to what you can achieve. Also, if you want tutoring in Chinese and a great teacher, please contact Mei on italki. She is the best. She is the one that motivated me to learn Chinese. I still don’t know how she did that. She has a special gift of motivating students to learn her language. Thank you, Mei.

When she isn’t busy learning Chinese and Spanish, Vicky Rivera also teaches English as a Professional Teacher on italki.  They say that some of the best Teachers on italki are also students because they understand exactly what language students go through when learning a new language. Vicky is one of them.