Freelance Teaching!

Greg MooreI’m a Professional EEC English teacher who has taught offline for several global language schools including Geos, English First as well as being the Academic Director for an English Language Training Program at a large multinational company (Tetra Pak) when I was living in Thailand.  I had heard about italki through a friend of mine who taught on the site but I hadn’t checked it out as at that time, I was busy working.

Recently, I moved to Manila and wanted to focus on developing my career as a freelance teacher.  I remember how my friend mentioned how great teaching online was on italki so I decided to sign up as a Professional Teacher.

In about 7 days after submitting my application, I was accepted as a Professional Teacher.  My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t get any students, but that concern was quickly alleviated after student requests started to roll in.  In the one month that I’ve been a teacher on italki, I’ve gotten students from China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey… pretty much all over the world.  My schedule has started to fill up and now I’m averaging about 7-9 teaching sessions a week.  One of the most challenging aspects of teaching on italki is that I do tend to get students from all over the world. Learning how to adapt to each of them is challenging, but makes me a flexible and better teacher.

I would like to teach more on italki and can probably handle a few more sessions per week, but I like maintaining a balance of teaching both online and offline.  However, teaching online is very convenient and I can meet with students who purchase packages more often.  Because I can meet with them more often, I feel I can better tailor my teaching to their individual learning styles.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience teaching on italki.  I’ve developed a great rapport with my current students and look forward to meeting more students from the italki community.

Greg Moore has been a member of italki since June 2013.