A better way to understand my friends

tedde_blogImportance of foreign languages
I do agree that our society shapes our way of thinking and our behavior. Knowing more languages give us a different perspective to see our life and ourselves. Moreover, we live in this globalized world and knowing people from other part of the world is just a piece of cake. Therefore, having the knowledge of second, third, or even, fourth language and more are necessary, especially in business.

Everyone learn English for years, whether at school or autodidact. Wherever you go in whichever country, you may likely encounter English although the implementation may not be quite effective. Foreign languages help us to tackle this ineffective language implementation by providing us “extra knowledge” in communication.

Passion for languages
I study in an international program, where students come from various countries around the world. English is our lingua franca, pretty much used anywhere in our social life. However, I realized that some people might not express themselves in English as good as in their native language. This reason is my motivation to learn foreign languages in order to understand not only their languages, but also related aspects of their life, such as culture and custom.
Language learning is the biggest passion that I have ever had. During the last few years, I have been learning several languages, either for fun or seriously. Apart from learning languages, I work part-time as language tutor in the university, where I tutor Indonesian, English, and Mandarin to students from various countries.

Teaching online
I have never thought about teaching online until I saw the opportunity to be community tutor given by Italki. Both teaching offline and online involve the same activity, which is teaching; however, each of them has different challenges. Teaching online allows me to have a wider variety of students. In other words, the students could be from any kind of educational and social background, as well as of any range of age. Eventually, I realized that teaching online is quite interesting, especially when it is done in Italki.
The registration procedure is simple and explained clearly. Online teachers are given flexibility to set their own schedule and teaching rate, as well as the teaching tools. There is even an amazing feature called Instant Tutoring, which allow online teachers to teach anytime and without any troublesome process.

Closing words
I admit that I have good impression using Italki for language teaching and learning activity. It is highly recommended for any language enthusiasts who want to learn languages effectively and language teachers who want to teach with flexibility and convenience.
Teddy joined italki in April 2011 and is now teaching English as a Community Tutor on italki.