just what I needed

joyPresently living in Mississippi – born in East TN, raised in Detroit area, lived 40+ years in Chicago area. I am a “retired” mom busier than I was when I had three children around my feet. My work has been marketing for a wellness manufacturer for the last 22 years.

For some reason, a desire to learn Spanish has been in me since I was young – maybe it was simply because I was put in an experimental after school class in sixth grade (a hundred years ago). Just don’t know. I have bought a few courses that I never finished. I took Spanish in college which helps many, but not me. And the frustration that I was never accomplishing that desire stayed with me until this “retirement” age.

I have SO much Spanish in my head, but it will not come out of my mouth.

Getting desperate, I took a trip to Costa Rica last March for one month, and took an Intensive course to try to get me over the beginner hump – and of course during that time, I added more words into my head.  But, not much more was coming out of my mouth.

After Costa Rica, I was determined to maintain my same study time at home, but found it impossible. Life just gets in the way. So, looking for answers to the need to speak and study, I contacted the fluent Spanish second language leader of the Spanish Meetup in Memphis and asked if he knew of any serious language teachers in the area; I didn’t want just another course.  He told me that I should check italki.com.

This is just what I needed!  Making a commitment to meet for language lessons one on one is something I will make a priority.  I quickly zeroed in on Miranda, and she has proven to be what I needed, also.  She understands my goals (need to talk, talk, talk) and she is zeroing in on the next right thing to teach me in grammar so that I can express myself even more.

Influenced by the polyglot Benny Lewis, author of Fluent in 3 Months, I know this is a correct and valuable step to learning to communicate in Spanish. We all need accountability, we need friends with the same mind set (learning a language), we need to put in hours regularly to learn a language – and it can all be done from home with italki!  So buy a package with a chosen teacher and just get started!

Joy recently joined italki and is learning Spanish